It began with music in the Pacific Northwest...


My name is Vallejo and I'm an artist. My two friends I own this company with are also artists, each of us has been steeped in the music of our choice since the moment we heard it. I myself am a rapper and have been working on my music for over 20 years. As E-40 said, "anything over 20 years old is a classic" so you can say I'm classically trained in the art of spittin bars🔥

My brother from another is Sean "Shredder" Searls. The Shredder name was earned and you can believe that! I know a lot of people who play but NEVER watched someone hear a tune and immediately replicate it on a guitar, its bananas. His knack for creativity blows me away... on every project he's come up with amazing and unique ways to get across the artists message.

Though he's not an owner of the company, he is DEFINITLEY the biggest help I've had so far in my music personally (BEATS ARE RIDICULOUS!) and in building the company's reputation for great audio quality. Maxømøa is the best producer and audio engineer I know in the game today and he is ALWAYS getting better. His passion for music started with hip hop too but not just US style, with that UK flavor added in. His bars are sick, his beats are even more ILL and his mix and master will have you sounding right!

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We have been making our own music for over 20 years and making our own music videos for five years!


We are preferred due to our artistic background and ability to transfer the emotion and feeling of your art into a visual medium for your consumers and/or fans. From social media campaigns and content creation to music videos, WE CAN HELP!