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It began with music in the Pacific Northwest...


My name is Jacob Vallejo, and I am the Owner and Operator of HiveMind Productions LLC. I made this company in 2021 after I began creating music videos for myself. I used to rap and that is why I originally picked up a camera in the first place. I wanted to be self-sufficient, so I learned to do it all myself. From filming to editing, color and special fx, I learned to create an entire music video from my scratch by myself.

It felt great!

Next thing I know I have fellow artists in the area asking me create videos for them. I have models and families asking me to take their portrait. It just kept going and going so I decided to dedicate my time and passion to a new company.  A company founded on quality work and fair prices made by an artist who knows all the hassles that come with trying to do it all yourself.

Now I am a businessman who is solely focused on expanding my company. I work at HiveMind full time, and I am extremely excited for the future! 



We have been making our own music for over 20 years and making our own music videos for five years!


We are preferred due to our artistic background and ability to transfer the emotion and feeling of your art into a visual medium for your consumers and/or fans. From social media campaigns and content creation to music videos, WE CAN HELP! 

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