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It began with music in the Pacific Northwest...


My name is Jacob Vallejo, and I am the Owner and Operator of HiveMind Productions LLC. I made this company in 2021 after I began creating music videos for myself. I used to rap and that is why I originally picked up a camera in the first place. I wanted to be self-sufficient, so I learned to do it all myself. From filming to editing, color and special fx, I learned to create an entire music video from my scratch by myself.

It felt great!

Next thing I knew, I had fellow artists in the area asking me create music videos for them. I had models and families asking me to take their portrait. It kept going and going so I decided to dedicate my time and passion to a new company!  A company founded on quality work and fair prices made by an artist who knows all the hassles that come with trying to do it all yourself.

Now I am a businessman who is solely focused on expanding my company. I work at HiveMind full time, and I am extremely excited for the future! 

Since I began my business we have done the following projects:

Music Videos



Social Media Content

Photo Shoots

Podcast Production

Audio Recording

Live Event Filming

Wedding Videography/Photography

Business Advice

Photography/Videography Training

Website Creation

Computer Building

Special FX Editing

Green Screen Filming


Color Correction

Color Grading

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